The purpose of this blog.

The purpose of this blog.

The objective of this blog is to provide political education to left progressive activists.  Posts consist of: (1) links to recommended articles by other authors (listed in post 2); and (2) articles researched and composed by Charles Pierce, owner of this blog site (posts 3 thru last).  Posted and recommended articles are selected to provide: relevant and useful information, soundly reasoned analyses, and guidance for policy in practice.  Guiding  precepts follow.

1st.  There is ever widening inequality of wealth and income, while mass poverty and privation afflict most of the world’s population and inflict preventable disease and death upon vast multitudes.

2nd.  For-profit enterprises persist: in wasteful plundering of forests, wetlands, freshwater sources, and other natural resources; and in wanton poisoning of the soil, water, and atmosphere, to the detriment of most of humankind (while obstinately resisting demands to end global-warming practices which have already locked the world onto a trajectory to future environmental catastrophe).

3rd.  Dehumanizing (often murderous) persecutions – misogynist, racial, sectarian religious, against people with disabilities, and other – persist widely.

4th.  Governmental abuses – subservience to the anti-social demands of capital, obstruction and/or suppression of collective bargaining and other popular social justice organizations, neocolonial subjugation and impoverishment of many countries and peoples, imperial interventions to oust (often popularly-elected) governments which refuse subservience to imperial dictate, wasteful militarism and unjust wars, repression of legitimate dissent (even in liberal “democracies”), and so on; these persist as routine.

5th.  The foregoing evils are inherent in capitalism.  Reform movements sometimes achieve some progress on some issues, but regulatory reforms are not without cost to the capitalist class; such reforms impose burdens which cut into profits, and they reduce owner freedom to operate their businesses without regulatory hindrance.  Liberal “democracy” permits affected capitalists to use their preponderant power and influence to eventually rescind or otherwise nullify such reforms.  As Karl Marx observed the actual result of popular elections in a representative “democracy” is the electorate “deciding [periodically] which member of the ruling class [is] to misrepresent the people in [government]”.  Thus, social evils persist.

6th.  Struggles for ameliorative reforms within the existing social order, have not and cannot sustainably put an end to the oppressions of capitalism.  But such struggles become truly useful when they are used to build a revolutionary movement to ultimately displace the existing social order and to strip away the power, political and economic, of its ruling class.  The real solution to the systemic social evils of the existing social order is social revolution thru a political movement committed to comprehensive social justice and grass-roots popular democracy.

Ω.  The prime imperative under private-enterprise capitalism is the selfish pursuit of private profit and the accumulation of private wealth.  In contrast, the prime imperative under socialism is the satisfaction of human and social needs.  Consequently, complete and lasting social justice can be achieved only thru social revolution. 

Author: Charles Pierce       Date: 2019 Dec 01.